Safe Towing Practices

When it comes to towing, you can`t be complacent with safety. Any mistake can result in property damage or a loss of your life and others. There are a few simple safety precautions and actions you can take while towing so that you have a easy, safe journey. 

When loading your trailer make sure you have it properly balanced. The majority of the load should be balanced to just in front of the axle. But not too much! Overbalancing can cause a bit of tipping. Make sure the load is as centered as possible, and tied down securely. 

Hook up your couplers correctly. Check and double check. Overconfidence is a major cause of accidents. Make sure your chains are correctly placed and not tangled, double check your connections, the safety chains should be placed under the trailer tongue.

Invest in a trailer lock. Trailer theft is a very real problem. One stop at a restaurant for lunch and you can come back to your load pillaged or even completely gone. trailer locks are also a extra security measure to prevent your load from unlatching while driving on the road. 

Drive safely. Don`t speed and don`t tailgate. Basic logic lets you know that it takes a longer time and distance for a trailer to stop, due to the sheer size and extra weight you are carrying. Driving a safe distance away from other vehicles and be extremely careful when changing lanes, especially when entering the passing or fast lane on the highway.

Check your connections frequently. Every 100 miles or so stop your trailer and check that your trailer is still hitched securely. 

These are just a few of the safe towing practices you can make a habit of to make your trip as safe as possible. Hitches & Couplers carries a variety quality of hitches and couplers (of course) for all of your towing needs. Built strong and tough, our products add just a bit more safety to your towing adventures. Safe tripping!

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